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Cloud computing has been around for quite some time but plenty of businesses continue to operate without it. That’s unfortunate because the evidence of its benefits is quite clear. Research shows, businesses that invest in Cloud computing, tend to grow at a rate of about 50 percent faster than their competitors. That’s because Cloud computing can help them run their businesses more efficiently and better serve their customers as well, resulting in a substantial increase in their profit margins.

Not convinced yet? Well, read on as we offer our top 7 reasons that the Cloud may be right for you and a logical choice as you upgrade or update your IT options.

1. Ease of use

– There’s really nothing complicated about using The Cloud. It’s important to understand this because one of the main reasons businesses shy away from cloud computing is they think it’s going to be complex. As a matter of fact, traditional applications are much more difficult to use. Cloud computing eliminates the headaches that come with storing one’s own data by reducing the need to manage so much hardware and software.

2. Ease of administration

– By using the Cloud, much less time and effort is spent on in-house IT infrastructure solutions that are generally much harder to manage. Because many Cloud processes are automated or managed by your Cloud provider, those in charge won’t need to spend nearly as many hours on tedious tasks that are necessary with in-house software and hardware. That means peace of mind and few fewer resources spent on administrative tasks. You’ll also be able to easily add/remove users. Generally, it involves just the click of a button or two. This means security is heightened with the ability to remove someone quickly and collaboration is improved when you’re able to add users for a particular project or other endeavor.

3. Secure access to your data from anywhere, anytime with no VPN

In-house data centers are restricted to a single location. These days, that’s highly problematic, especially with so many employees working from home and many companies employing team members far from where headquarters is located. By using the Cloud, you can see and interact with your data from virtually anywhere you have a WiFi connection. And you don’t need a traditional VPN – Virtual Private Network – to keep your data secure, no matter from where you may be accessing it.

4. Canadian-based servers to keep your data local

Many Canadian companies hesitate to transition to the Cloud for data hosting because they are concerned about data access and privacy. This is because both public and private sector companies need to follow government laws affecting the storage and use of personal information. Storing data outside of Canada certainly brings some challenges so it’s important to stay local and that’s certainly possible with Cloud computing. Just be sure that whatever platform you choose includes a data centre in Canada so that data, email, and communications stay within the country.

5. Fewer failure points to access your data

– Data protection and backup can be tricky business. If one major component ceases to function, it can set off a cascade of collapse and the system can come to a dead halt. With the Cloud, there are fewer failure points – places in an application’s infrastructure, network or API where errors typically occur – so you can be less concerned about function as well as security and you won’t experience nearly as much downtime as you might with in-house data storage systems.

6. Empowers your distributed workforce

A Cloud workspace is an excellent way to let your distributed workforce know that you care about their time, efficiency, and convenience. They can work from anywhere, work on any kind of device, work at literally any time of the day or night, and collaborate and communicate with members of their team with just the click of a few keys. This drives a sense of community and connection, which can be difficult when you have a widely distributed workforce. Overall, it’s a great digital employee experience that provides simplicity as well as consistency.

7. Accessibility

– The Cloud is compatible with Microsoft, Apple and Android. That means your options are many and the accessibility of the Cloud is vast. So you won’t need to buy new equipment or devices when you switch to the Cloud.


Overall, businesses that recognize the benefits of Cloud computing become more efficient, recognize a better ROI, experience enhanced collaboration, enjoy more flexibility, and can quickly scale when necessary. There’s even a sustainability aspect involved as companies use fewer physical products and hardware, cutting down on paper waste and energy consumption. For many, it’s a win-win proposition. Contact StillwaterIT at 604-899-1105 for more information or an assessment.