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Backup Internet for Your Business

Does your business rely on the use of the internet A LOT? If you’re like most of today’s businesses, the answer to that question is probably a resounding “yes”. Think about all the things that you do that require internet connectivity. Undoubtedly, you use the internet for common everyday tasks like sending emails or other communications. But you may use it for doing payroll, inventory management, employee time clocks, credit card terminals, marketing on social media, and much more.

Given today’s wide use of the internet by business owners for all sorts of tasks, it’s plain to see that you require more than only an excellent primary internet connection. You also may need a mobile backup internet that can allow you to access the data you need in the event your main internet is affected by an outage.

When your primary business internet goes down, what happens?

A regular, reliable connection to the internet is important to all of us these days. Especially for companies who rely on it for the majority of their everyday operations. When your primary business internet goes down, it could leave you completely unconnected.

  • Customer service issues

– When you can’t properly tend to your customers, your business suffers. If you’re a retail business and lose connectivity, you become a cash-only enterprise. If you tend to your customers digitally, you may not be able to perform the usual services. This includes making transactions, scheduling appointments, accessing records, and much more. This loss of functionality will be frustrating for you and your clients and could negatively affect your reputation.

  • Loss of productivity

– Chances are that your business may come to a screeching halt if you lose internet and have no backup. Employees who use and handle information will likely have nothing to do without a connection. Even factories and other kinds of blue-collar businesses will suffer. They will see a slowdown in productivity when there’s no internet, depending on what kind of technology they rely on.

  • Financial impact

– If you depend on your internet connection for sales, an outage could be a disaster financially. We’re talking about both reduced output and lost sales. This could cost you thousands of dollars per hour, depending on the size of your business and the timing of the outage. Furthermore, you’re at the mercy of the internet provider. The outage could be days long if it were caused by a natural event like a storm. Often thousands of customers are affected and can take a long time to fix.

  • Stress

– While stress might not seem as important as the three previous bullet points, it can take a toll on you and your employees. Too much downtime makes it difficult for people to do their jobs. This could result in regular employee turnover if workers are dissatisfied with your technology and cannot do their jobs properly.

Selecting a backup internet option

When choosing backup internet options, it’s important to look at a different technology from your primary connection.

Mobile Internet, for example, can provide you both a means to connect almost anywhere to your cloud files and be there in the event your main Internet is affected by an area outage. This secondary business internet service will decrease downtime and keep you and your employees satisfied.

Wireless broadband can provide a cost-effective network alternative for your business-critical applications and a quick deployment option for both new and remote business locations. This is great news, given the scope of today’s global business network and the number of people working from home.


Would you like to learn more about your internet options? Stillwater IT’s experts would be happy to speak with you further about backup internet for your small or large business. As technology professionals, we can recommend the right tools for you, carefully assessing your internet needs and your budget. For more information, call us at 604-899-1105 or fill out our contact form.