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The workplace has changed, especially during these past 2 ½ years. Though some employees are slowly making their way back to a central office, eager to be with their colleagues once again, more are staying home and working in their own space. It’s a model that seems to be here to stay.

So with the distributed workplace model more popular than ever, gone are the days of needing a server in your office. Companies have recognized, instead, the ease of hosting their data in the cloud, allowing different users in various locations to all access the same information no matter where they’re located on any given day.

What’s a cloud hosted server?

A cloud server, or a cloud hosted server, is a “virtual infrastructure” that performs information- and application-processing storage. These servers are created using so-called virtualization software to divide a physical server into various multiple virtual servers. Users then access virtual server functions remotely through an online interface.

Sound complicated? It’s really not. As a matter of fact, most users won’t think twice about the technical part of using a cloud hosted server. They’ll just enjoy the ability to easily share data and to communicate efficiently with everyone on their team or in their company.

Why consider a cloud server?

While physical servers may work better for data-intensive workloads, there are a number of reasons why many companies choose to work with a cloud hosted server.

  • Scalability – Users with fluctuating needs are able to scale computing and storage resources to fit those needs no matter how often or how much they change. Scaling up or down with a traditional service can take some time and could cause service interruptions.
  • Cost effectiveness – When compared with the cost to maintain server hardware, a cloud server is much less expensive. In addition, companies only pay for what they need, not a lot of extras.
  • Security – Cloud servers are super secure, kept safe by things like firewalls, monitoring, and anti-virus software as well as host intrusion prevention, which adds an extra layer of security and seeks to halt malware by monitoring the code’s way of behaving.
  • Availability – Of course, your cloud hosted server is always available. In comparison, your physical or onsite service can go down any time a software or hardware problem occurs within your system.
  • Backup and recovery – Data backup and recovery is super easy with a cloud server, and you can do it from anywhere and on any device. That’s perfect for the current working environment.

QuickBooks with cloud access

Cloud-based accounting software like QuickBooks allows you to access your data anytime and anywhere. When you run your business in the Cloud you can manage your books not only from your central work computer but also via your laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone.

Furthermore, various members of your team, like your accountant, bookkeeper, and others, can log in simultaneously to work directly with online data. And it’s secure because any changes are noted in a detailed activity log.

But probably best of all is the fact that your data is always automatically backed up. You don’t need to remember to save your work or train your employees to do so. This helps you avoid countless errors, which cost time and money.

Sage on the Cloud

Similarly, those who prefer Sage Accounting can get the same perks by using that company’s cloud-based software. With products like Sage50 Cloud, users can easily create customer and vendor records, keep track of inventory, simplify payroll processes, access one-click reports, and more, all from anywhere and on any device.

Sage also offers cloud-based HR software that allows you to attract, retain, and engage your employees around the globe from wherever you happen to set up shop, making it totally efficient and cost-saving as well.


Thinking about moving to the cloud? There are all sorts of cloud-powered solutions that may be right for you, whether it’s QuickBooks, Sage, or something else. At Stillwater IT, we can help your move to the cloud happen seamlessly and teach you how to use your new software n order to make it as efficient as possible. For a free consultation, call the IT experts at 604-899-1105.